We are a Performance Car Parts Company and supply performance parts New Zealand wide. Boost Performance supplies over 50,000 car parts and is your one-stop shop. You can simply check out our website to see our full range of our Performance Car Parts. We supply car parts from over 100 different reputable manufacturers. Learn more about our Performance Car Parts Company in this blog post.

What are Performance Car Parts?

Although many people might think Performance Car Parts are just for racing, a lot of the parts also help improve your vehicle’s power, handling, and fuel economy. By replacing your car’s or truck’s factory components, you obtain a lot more power. Other common Performace Car Parts are flowing air filters, intake kits, and exhausts.

Features of a Performance Car

A performance car is classified as an automobile designed and constructed for speed. Not only does the car need a lot of power but also the handling and braking systems to support it.

The difference between a performance car and a sports car is often confusing. Normally, racing cars are not seen as performance cars. As opposed to the racing car, a performance car has to be capable of providing transport on a regular driveway.

performance car parts company

Why choose Boost Performance as your Performance Car Parts Company

Our experienced team can advise you on products to suit your needs. With a great understanding of suspension parts, we will find the perfect part for your vehicle. We are very proud to say that Boost Performance is a 100% New Zealand owned an operated company. As automotive enthusiasts, we want to provide all of New Zealand with the best car parts, so all of our products ship to all of the country.

Contact us for information regarding your next suspension upgrade

The Boost Performance team have great experience with managing their own car builds. When you’re talking to our team, you’ll be happy to know they are very familiar with the ins and outs of modifying cars. It’s always a drag when you talk to a car parts salesperson and they don’t even know the basics.

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